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Spell Bee competition was held to encourage our students to learn about the word components, usage and meaning.  




Slogan Writing Competition




Story Telling Competiton

















English Poem Recitation Competition












Calligraphy Competition




















Creative Writing




















Keep Calm and Eat Aam 










Children can be the best natural ‘copycats’ around. They love to mimic and impersonate their parents and want to become just like them. Children love it when they are included in any activities with adults because they feel like they are at the same level with their parents or elders. To excite the children AFS Camero had organized a Fancy Dress Competition (theme- famous characters of fairytales) for Class 1 on 18th Dec2020. This activity was fun and excellent for children as it sparked their imagination and made them think more. It stimulated creativity in the parents when they had to mix- and – match whatever items they could find at home to make their children’s costumes and props. Kudos to all the children and parents for making Fancy dress competition a big success ! 

Winners  of Fancy Dress Competition – Class 1

  • 1st- Atharvveer Singh Chaudhary-1A
  • 2nd- Varunika Ashok – 1A
  • 3rd – Advik Kumar – 1B


SCIENCE QUIZ : 2020-20

A Science Quiz Competition was held in AFS Camero on 11th Dec 2020 for Class 1.The competition was aimed at developing the knowledge and excellence base among the students through healthy and highly motivating meet. The students crammed themselves up with lot of general knowledge for the quiz. The students participated actively and enthusiastically in the competition.

Mazes of intuited and interesting questions were asked to students,  testing each aspect of the science knowledge. First round of the competition was held on 9 Dec 2020. 10 students were selected to perform in the second round on 10 Dec 2020. Out of these 10 students 6 students were selected to perform for the third and final round of the competition.

On 11 Dec 2020 ,the selected students performed again for the third and final round of the competition.The efforts and hard work of the students were highly commendable.


  • 1st- Prateek Dash – 1A
  • 2nd – Mihika Rathore – 1B
  • 3rd – Ira Mishra – 1B


Carol Singing Competition : 2020-20

Date:16 , 17 and 18 December

Class: 3rd,4th and 5th

Judged by: Aparna Naithani,Gurmeet Randhawa & Rashmi Mohan

On the occasion of Christmas, a carol singing competition was conducted on 16, 17 and 18 December of classes 3rd, 4th and 5th through online classes, students participated with much enthusiasm and passion. Results for the same are: 


  • 1st position:Pooja kumari
  • 2nd position:Aaditya Singh Rathore
  • 3rd position:Anvi Nautiyal and Nayomica
  • Consolation: Syble


  • 1st position: Ritvik
  • 2nd position:Pragati
  • 3rd position:Divya
  • Consolation :Navridhi and Gautam


  • 1st position:Adwita
  • 2nd position:Suryansh
  • 3rd position:Raghav
  • Consolation:Kanav and Lishita

Science Quiz : 2020-20                                            

Date: 11.12.20

Classes- III, IV, V

Science quiz was organised in two rounds:

Round 1: Selection Round : Consisted of MCQ type questions (on Cloud9).  This was an open round for all children. Fastest fingers first with maximum score were selected for the second round.In second round questions based on creative and critical thinking were asked to children. The session was very interesting ,exciting and informative. Competition was conducted in EVS online class.



  • Ist Prize : 
  1. Prateek K Subudhi III-A
  • IInd Prize :
  1. S S Suryansh III-B
  • IIIrd Prize :
  1. Akash Pandey


  • Ist Prize :                                                 
  1. Agrim Kumar IV-A
  2. Angel  IV-B
  3. Divya  IV-B
  •  IInd Prize :
  1.  Ritvik  IV-B
  • IIIrd Prize
  1. Navriddhi


  • Ist Prize : 
  1. Ishika
  • IInd Prize :
  1. Yashvi Pandey
  • IIIrd Prize :
  1. Bishwajeet Jena

 Conducted by –  Nupur Mathur & Gurmeet Randhawa [EVS Teachers] 

Bits and Bytes Competition Report : 2020-20 

Date :16th October 2020, Class : I-V

Air Force School Camero successfully conducted a Bits and Bytes competition during  online classes on 16th October 2020 for the students of STD I to V. In this competition there were four different groups with five fervent participants in each  group gave tough battle to each other. Rules and regulations of the competition were explained on 10 October 2020. It was interesting three-round competition, the type of questions were MCQ questions  having pictures, crossword, application based etc having four options given for each  question.  

The students showcased their brilliance by rapidly answering the questions. Although the  teams participated actively, the team that scored the most was Group A,  Below is the list of winner of this competition  

1. Aarav Gupta, Class 1-A 

2. Aditya Katiyar, Class 2-A 

3. Adwita, Class 3-A 

4. Gautam, Class 4-A 

5. Anika, Class 5 

It was very informative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants.  Air Force School Camero, encourages such positive competitions and hopes to bring out  the best in all its students through such competitive events, while ensuring that the  children learn through all possible ways- not just through books and classroom teaching.

Conducted by Priyanka Prasad - (Computer Teacher)

Hindi Pakhwada: 2020-20

Date : 25.09.20

1. Task: To prepare posters on famous quotes of Hindi Authors and to speak about them.

On the occasion of Hindi Pakhwada, the students of class III payed tribute to the renowned authors of Hindi language by making beautiful posters on their famous quotes. Children spoke on the lives of these authors. They used their vivid imagination in creating these posters. Hindi pakhwada was celebrated in online hindi class.

2. Results:

  • Ist Prize
  1. Aakash Kumar Pandey III B
  2. Aradhya III B
  • IInd Prize
  1. Aizel Awadh Singh III A
  2. Harmehar Kaur III B
  • IIIrd Prize
  1. Dhruv Narang III A
  2. Paramveer III A
  3. Vidhya III B 

Conducted by Meenakshi Jani - (Hindi Teacher class III)




















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