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Date of the meeting: 4 September 2021

Teachers in charge:

  • Mrs Kavita Chawla
  • Mrs Promila Dabas
  • Mrs Ritu Jolly
  • Ms Sarika

The Cubs and Bulbul class started with the prayer and the motto of Cubs and Bulbul program. It was followed by the salute and the clap. Then a moral story named TARA was shown to the students. Tara is a story about a little girl who wanted to live like a princess with all the luxuries of life. But with the help of a Bulbul bird she understands that true happiness comes when we help the needy people, our parents or our loved ones.

This story was also shared with the students in through the digital media platform.

It was quite an interesting session for everyone.




The first virtual meeting for the session 2021 -22 for Cubs and Bulbul took place on 26 June 2021. It started with the Cubs and Bulbul prayer which was shown to the students through a video. The oath and the motto was also shown to them .The links for the same were shared with the students so that they could learn it for the next meeting . Since it was the first virtual meeting ,they were briefed about the virtual classes as well as various activities that would be conducted for this session

Cubs and Bulbuls virtual meeting was conducted on 24-07-21. Demonstration was given to students on left hand shake and Salute.

Students also participated for Grand salute. different  handshakes were demonstrated by teacher incharge. 

students enjoyed all these activities.










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