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DATE: 30 July 2021

TIME: 9:30am to 10:30am




A weekend movie bash was planned for the students on 30 July 21 (Friday).

Each class along with their class teacher watched this lovely animated movie during the online class.

GUESS WITH JESS, an animated spin-off of popular British children's series Postman Pat, helps children look for answers to the questions they have about the world around them. It stars Jess (voiced by Charlie George), a black-and-white cat living on Greendale Farm, who decides what the big question of the day will be.

Unlike his appearance in Postman Pat, Jess in this series has the ability to talk to his friends on the farm.

Genre          Children'sAnimationEducational

Created by   Ivor Wood

Written by  Tim Hastings

                      Lane Leuras

                       Gene Grillo

Directed by   Mike Shiell

Creative director   Donald Anderson

Voices of           Charlie George

                            Miranda Montague

                             Jo Wyatt

                             Bailey Pepper

                              Maria Darling

                               Daniel Anthony

                                Kyle Stanger

                                Eleanor Webster

Theme music composer     Jonathan Evans

Opening theme             "Guess With Jess"

Composer                        Julian Nott

Movie on Save tiger- The Story of Solo Bhandhavgarh Tigress-July












DATE: 23 July 2021

TIME: 9:30am to 10:05am


MATERIAL: Internet, Audio-Visual Aids



 To make the students aware about our National Animal Tiger.

To impart them knowledge that how tigers live and survive in the jungle in the form of a movie. The movie of a tigress who lived in Bandhavgarh forest. She was named Solo.



 Students along with their class teacher watched the movie during the online class.

 The movie is mainly to spread the awareness among our students to save the tigers, mainly The Royal Bengal Tiger.

 It’s a life of the fearless and free tigress Solo, Bandhavgarh’s Fallen Queen.

 In the movie the students also watched the natural beauty and grandeur of the Jungle of Bandhavgarh.


MOVIE- “Good Touch and Bad Touch”


Date- 9 April 2021

A movie on the topic ”Good touch and bad touch” was shown online to the students of Air Force School Camero on 9th April 2021, Friday to create awareness about sexual abuse and differentiate between Good touch and Bad touch. Each class along with their class teacher watched the movie during the online class. was the link of YouTube video shown to the students. The basic idea of showing this movie was-

1. To make the children understand the difference between strangers and family. The touch of family members like mother and father which makes them feel comfortable and secure is good touch. The touch of relatives and strangers which makes them uncomfortable is bad touch.

2. To sensitize the students towards different people they meet in their surroundings and neighbourhood like van driver, cab driver, watchman, gardener and strangers.

3. To sensitize them about their private body parts, any person other than mother and father are not supposed to touch them.

In case of experiencing bad touch the students are guided and advised to inform parents/trusted loved ones and the class teacher in the school.

Students should always stay alert and inform the person whom they trust the most immediately in case of any trouble. They can also ask a close friend to help them to inform parents or to share with the teacher.


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