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Workshop on Mindfullness techinques in classroom











Workshop on Legal Sensitization of POCSO Act on 25th Sept (3.30pm) -By Advocate Neha Tyagi





Workshop on Psychological Aspect of Child Sexual Abuse on 25th Sept 2021 (12.00pm) -By Dr. Akanksha Khanna






Workshop on Academic Orientation on 25th Sept 2021(9.00 am) -By Dr. Monica Solanki








Workshop on NEP(2020) by HM on 25-07-21







Workshop on RPWD Act on 17-07-21

RPWD Act link for the details






7. Workshop on Working on MIS






6. Workshop on Intel Smart Board





5. Workshop on MIS






4. Workshop On Learning Difficulties in Students



3. Workshop On Entering Credentials Into School Web-site






2. Workshop On Cubetto




1. Workshop On First-aid


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